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Advertising Rates for placing an Ad Banner with a link to your site from the R/C Conference are $12.50 per month in 3 month chunks for $37.50 or $125.00 per year if paid all at once.

The maximum size for your banner should be 50 by 200, gif or jpg, which may be animated. A page to link to that isn't on a system with pop-up windows or a lot of advertising. In particular, no links to based sites.

Talk about your product(s) on the R/C Conference. Introduce new ones. Answer question from our members and an occasional 'Guest'. Free membership if you don't belong to the forum already with a year's advertising.

Web Page hosting for the R/C Industry at very reasonable rates is also available. We can line you up with a host server in Wisconsin, very close to the Chicago Hub; short, fast Internet connection for instant web page transmission.

This is the oldest R/C Conference on the Internet and the most read. Your advertising dollar is well spent in support of the R/C Conference because it provides the means by which the people who make up the membership may make their contribution to the progression of our favorite hobby and your industry.

Please contact Dave at decCo SoftWare via E-Mail with your specific advertising requirements.

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