Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I get to post messages to the forum?
    The first thing you must do is click on the application form link in the left border of the forum. Type the information requested by the form into the boxes and then click the button at the bottom of the page to submit the form.

    When your account has been activated you may then click on the check status link in the left border of the forum. When the check status screen is displayed on your browser enter the user name and password that you entered on the application form and click the button at the bottom of the screen to submit the form. If your user name and password match your application form information then a cookie will be automatically installed on your computer that contains your user name. This cookie will not expire (be removed automatically) until the year 2010. We'll extend that date for registered users in about 2008 or so.

    Now that your browser has a way of letting the forum know who you are, via the cookie, the forum will show you the log on to post link. If the log on to post link isn't showing in the left border, read the next paragraph too.
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  • How do I log on to post messages?
    You will only see the log on to post link if you are a registered member. If your forum cookie has been lost or discarded for some reason the application form link and possibly the check status link will be displayed in the left border of the forum instead of the log on to post link. You will have to visit the check status page again to force the reinstallation of the cookie before you may log on to post. To force the check status link to show click on the application form link and then go right back to the forum main page. Click your browser's refresh or reload button and the check status link will be shown.

    If you see the log on to post link in the left border then click on that link to display the log on page. Enter the same password you entered on the application form. If the password you enter now matches the password on your application form you will be shown the confirmation page telling you that your password has been confirmed. Be sure to click on the second line of the confirmation page to reload the latest threads on the forum. This also adds several new members only links to the left border. Now, you may post messages to any thread you desire, create a new thread and set the thread age back so you will see older messages, if you like. Other links will appear also.
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  • How do I get my name and e-mail address on the "Contact Members" list?
    I will only publish your e-mail address on the "Contact Members" list by your command. Please send an e-mail message to Dave authorizing your name and address to be added to the list. This list is seen only after a member logs on so it is not published for the public in general.
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  • What is a cookie?
    A cookie is a very small file that is installed on your computer if the check status routine is successful. The cookie is installed automatically, without you even seeing anything happen. Your cookie for the forum won't expire until the year 2010. A cookie may contain any information that the server places in the cookie. The cookie that the forum sets on your computer contains the user name that you chose for the forum only. This is the only way the forum has of knowing who you are. The only time this particular cookie is sent out of your computer is when you visit The Conference with the same browser on the same computer you were using when you checked status on the forum. In other words, if you have a second browser on your computer it will have it's own separate cookie file.
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  • How do I register a second computer or browser?
    Having a second computer set up for access isn't too hard. When you're on the web with the "new" machine visit the Conference. If you can see the check status link on the left border skip to number 2.
    • 1.) Click on the application form link and wait for the page to show on your browser. You don't have to do anything on that page this time so click back to the forum main page and click reload or refresh on your browser until the check status link shows up on the left border.
    • 2.) Click on the check status link and when that page loads enter your user name and password and follow the instructions on that and the following pages until you're on.
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  • How can I see older threads and messages?
    Once you have logged on your name will appear in a blue background at the top of the left border. The first link under you name is "Set Your Thread Age". Visit that page by clicking on that link. Click the dropdown box to show the list of available days and click the number you would like to see. Then click the "Update Thread Age" button. At the top of this page, the first sentence will indicate the number of days your thread age is currently set to. Check that it's the number you want and then click the "Reload Threads" link in the left border to retrieve the threads with active messages dating back the number of days you have chosen. This setting will only last for your current visit to the forum. When you again have to log on to post the default setting of one day will be displayed.
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  • I'm registered but I can't get on.
    Several things can cause this problem. In several of the cases listed below you only need to Contact Dave for assistance. Please supply your user name and at least a little detail about the circumstances surrounding the change.

    • Your cookie has been removed from your browser files.
      If you are using a Microsoft browser do not delete the "temporary Internet files" associated with these browsers. Your cookie for the forum will no longer work.
    • Some "web helper" programs delete your cookie file automatically without you even knowing about the action. Do not use such applications.
    • You have upgraded to a new browser.
      In most cases the new version of a browser will recognize that you have a previous version of a browser on your machine and will ask you if the new installation should use the previous settings. Select the yes option so your cookie isn't removed during the installation. This generally works also when changing browser brands such as from Microsoft to Netscape for instance.
    • You are trying to access from another computer that doesn't contain your cookie for the forum. See the How do I register a second computer or browser? section of this page.
    • You may have visited a very aggressive web site.
      It has been reported that some sites on the Internet contain documents with hidden code that will actually delete your cookie file from your computer. Since I have not experienced this problem myself I will not suggest that this is actually true. It is mentioned here only as one of the many problems that may be associated with the current easy access to web site creation and publication today. One web site in particular has been shown to cause cookie file corruption. Registered Conference Members may Contact Dave for details.
    • The two week period from the time you requested Dave's address to pay by mail has expired and your account has been deactivated. You may Contact Dave again to make sure your mail got to him or to request an extension in time. Some sort of dialog is required to resolve the issue.
    • You have abused the rules of the Disclaimer Page so badly that you have been 'shut off'.
      It is understood that you have read, understand, and will abide by the rules described in the Disclaimer Page. Very little tolerance will be given to anyone who does not comply with these rules. There is no refund of the $10.00 sign up fee. Don't do it!
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  • I filled out the application form but I haven't been contacted yet.
    If you have decided to pay by check or money order then you have to Contact Dave for his business address. The reason for this procedure is to verify your e-mail address. If you have filled out and submitted an application form and wish to pay by mail but you have not sent an e-mail request for a period of two weeks from the time you submitted the application form then your application form will be deleted from the database.
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