Using the Oval Gearing Window
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Setting up the Oval Gearing Window | Using the Oval Gearing Window

How to use the Oval Gearing Window.

Click any image to see a full sized view.


Select any motor and/or set of Track Statistics you have on file with a single mouse click from each of the list boxes.

All the information about the relationship between any track and any motor is instantly displayed for your consideration. Gear calculations are cross-referenced and based on many factors making this the most accurate gearing calculator on the planet. Use the Facts Machine II with complete confidence.

Read This Three Times Please!

If you make a better run on the same track then it is a good idea to update the information in the Current Track Settings, left side of the Oval Gearing Window.

Select the same motor you already have associated with this track unless you used a different motor; then YOU MUST 'Associate' the new motor with those Track Settings with the Set Button before any change may be made to the current Settings.

Use the 'Watts / Inch' values to determine if a motor will be more powerful than the original or less before you even put the car on the track. Watts per inch of travel is calculated using the gear ratio and current rear tire sizes so you can see exactly what is going on at the current Rollout value on the car.

The YELLOW background of the Rpm box indicates that this particular motor does not draw as many Amps as the motor that is associated with the track. The motor will likely be slower too.

If the background turns to RED then the motor has a good chance of 'dumping' your battery pack before the heat is finished no matter how fast or slow it is.

'Tire Slip' is a value that can help you tune your car as well as your motor. Not only at each track you visit but also for each class you, or your buddies who use your Dyno, want to keep records for.

A run of 18 laps in 4:05 at the Major Taylor Velodrome with a Tire Spin value of about 44% was accomplished about the year 2000.

If the car had had any more traction the motor would have been pulling too many amps to make time. Wing angle would adjust for this as well as body mounting angle.

Click the Alternate Gears Button to view a list of gear combinations you might use to 'get close' to your desired Gear Ratio and Rollout.

Facts2 Features | Registration Information | Download
Setting up the Oval Gearing Window | Using the Oval Gearing Window

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